A fireside chat with Evan Wong, CEO of Australia’s leading Regtech – Checkbox.ai

A fireside chat with Evan Wong, CEO of Australia’s leading Regtech – Checkbox.ai

Evan Wong is CEO and Co-founder of Checkbox. At only 25 he already has two successful startups under his belt. Checkbox is a Regtech solution that enables business people to build software without any sort of coding. Checkbox is to business applications what WordPress is to Web Design. Used by lawyers, accountants and bankers Checkbox is considered the ideal tool to fix the Regulatory and Compliance issues facing many financial institutions.

How did you become an Entrepreneur?

Evan: I founded my first business when I was 17, an education business called Hero Education. Until that point I’d never shown any signs that I was going to be an entrepreneur. Looking back, I did possess certain entrepreneurial qualities; constantly learning, the drive and desire to solve problems.

What you bring into the world as an entrepreneur is so unique and it really cannot be matched with any other experience in your life. Because of your hard work, your decisions, your creativity you’ve now put something new into the world. It is an unparalleled feeling when you know that this has impacted so many people for the better. I really got hooked on the drug of being an entrepreneur with Hero Education. So, when I left university at the age of 22 it felt natural to get started with Checkbox.

How did the idea for Checkbox come about?

Evan: Like every other startup, we didn’t begin our journey with this idea. People think you need to find the right idea before you launch a startup. Most startups aren’t successful because of the initial idea. It is usually through a diligent process of speaking with customers, understanding the market, and understanding a customer’s problems that an idea then refines and pivots. Eventually it becomes a viable business not just an idea.

In my experience it is best to start with a big, broad idea that’s anchored to a very strong and passionate why. Checkbox happened because I was passionate about two things: Simplifying the complexity around regulation and compliance. I felt that first hand running Hero education. And my second passion was empowering non-technical people to build software.

A lot of people ask me how did you start a software company when you don’t have a software background? Checkbox solves two of the biggest problems I faced when launching my first startup. I hated compliance and process and I hated that I couldn’t code.


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Source: A fireside chat with Evan Wong, CEO of Australia’s leading Regtech – Checkbox.ai