Fintech trends and predictions for 2019

Fintech trends and predictions for 2019

Fintechs are big, growing and are disruptive. Why wouldn’t they be when they are using innovative technologies making banking and financial services more efficient.

So what are the predictors and futurists saying the landscape will look like in 2019 and beyond?

Here’s a collection of some of the sources we think are on point!

Bitcoin is Just the Beginning

The Australian predicts that Bitcoin is Just the Beginning and that the “fintech” revolution is upon us – but we may only be at the start of it.

Highlights include:

“Financial technology is not only changing the way people purchase and invest, it’s changing the very definition of money as well.”

“Frost & Sullivan says the Australian fintech sector is poised to take $10 billion in aggregated revenues away from the big Australian banks, while contributing $3 billion of new revenue to the Australian financial services sector, by 2020.”

“As ‘Fintech 1.0’ matures, how the banks handle it will be largely determined by those two strategies and the competition between them. And then of course there is the banks’ ability to take out successful fintechs.”


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Source: Fintech Trends and Predictions for 2019 – CryptoTechNews