Fintech platform Stake wants to make investing in US stocks as easy as online shopping

There are a few particularly popular niches within the Australian fintech space, with online small business lenders to platforms allowing consumers to find and negotiate the right home loan particularly hot areas. Another is investment, with offerings popping up to target a breadth of consumers.

From the likes of Acorns, which is gathering up a user’s ‘loose change’ and investing it for them, through to Brickx allowing users to invest in property brick by brick, and Stockspot using AI to help better invest its customers’ money, the choice for the consumer is vast.

Adding another option to the mix is Sydney startup Stake. Founded by Matthew Leibowitz, Jon Abitz, and Daniel Silver, the platform wants to offer Australian investors easier and cheaper access to US stocks and exchange traded funds (ETFs) than previously available.

The idea was born out of Leibowitz’s time at US trading firm Optiver, where he saw a vast spread of product available to consumers at an affordable price.

“Australia is on the opposite end…limited product suite, hard to access, and expensive. It was obvious to me that Australians were getting a raw deal,” he explained.

Getting asked by friends where to invest, Leibowitz found there was nothing he really wanted to recommend; Stake is the result, with simplicity at its core.

“Equity markets have been a great source of wealth creation and a key component in economic and technological growth for centuries, but accessing them has been expensive, complicated, and full of conflict,” Leibowitz said.

As Leibowitz explained it, Stake works just like any other online shopping experience – “you can manage your investments as simply as buying a new pair of shoes,” he said.


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Source: Fintech platform Stake wants to make investing in US stocks as easy as online shopping – Startup Daily