FinTech lender celebrates its 10th year in business

FinTech lender celebrates its 10th year in business

This week, online fintech lender celebrates its 10th year of operations. was officially launched on 01 June 2011 and has grown over the decade to become one of the largest online home and car lenders in the country.

According to the lender, its growth can be attributed to its dedication to providing competitive rates in the online lending space as well as its innovative technology allowing customers to take control of their own home and car loans.

Marie Mortimer, Managing Director of, Director of FinTech QLD and Board Member of FinTech Australia looks forward to another 10 years of competition in the lending space.

“We exist to take on the big 4 banks. They currently hold a monopoly in Australia when it comes to home loans, so we exist to be the competition and provide as low rates as possible,” Mortimer said.

Mortimer emphasises the importance that smaller fintech lenders have in the Australian landscape.

“FinTechs and smaller lenders have an extremely important function to competition in banking in Australia.” lending solutions have evolved to meet demand over time, including being the first lender in Australia to drop rates to below 2%, a move which many lenders since followed. provides home and car loans to people in every state of Australia, and customers have trusted their Brisbane-based team to provide low home loan and car loan rates through the online app.