FinTech First: Online trading platform moomoo goes Meta by launching the ‘mooverse’

FinTech First: Online trading platform moomoo goes Meta by launching the ‘mooverse’

AI-powered investment platform moomoo has launched the moomoo metaverse, ‘mooverse’, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of its parent company Futu Holdings (Nasdaq: FUTU).

The limited-time activation is the first of its kind in Australia, and builds on moomoo’s commitment to offering community, accessibility, and education to investors globally.

Over 200,000 Futu users globally have jumped into the mooverse to engage with each other and compete in a series of financial literacy-based quizzes to win prizes, including a share in a US$200,000 stock cash coupon.

The moomoo metaverse will further expand on the platform’s educational offering and continue to help investors make smarter investing decisions to fuel their wealth creation.

The challenges will see users design their own avatar then navigate their way through the mooverse Quiz Map and earn points for correct quiz answers. Points can be used to purchase virtual clothing items and accessories and users can share their curated profile pictures to win further prizes.

Since launching in the United States in 2018, moomoo has continued to attract experienced investors seeking an all-in-one platform with professional trading tools.

The platform has also proven popular among beginner and middle-level investors thanks to features such as ‘Lite’ mode and paper trading, and moomoo’s collection of free learning materials.

“We invest relentlessly in financial education and create learning opportunities for investors of all levels,” Justin Zacks, VP Strategy at moomoo Technologies Inc. said.

“Our platform hopes to educate investors in an engaging way so that they can learn to make informed and smart investing decisions.

“Through the moo community, like-minded investors can connect, support, and share inspiration. This social aspect of moomoo is a continuation of its parent company Futu’s mission – make investing easier and more accessible.”

Moomoo Australia Chief Marketing Strategist Matthew Wilson says the platform’s focus on evolving technologies has played a huge role in the business’ decade of strong growth.

In the five months leading up to August 2022, moomoo released more than 70 app updates, of which added 4,401 new features, including 1,419 on Android, 1,556 on iOS system, 626 on Mac and 800 on PC.

“We believe that technical innovation should demonstrate more humanistic care and cater to the various needs from all investors. This is where moomoo and Futu will continue to put their efforts in the next decade.” Wilson said.

Moomoo’s ‘mooverse’ is now available to registered moomoo Australia users via the mobile app.