Fifo Capital rebrand champions better finance for Australian businesses

Fifo Capital rebrand champions better finance for Australian businesses

Fifo Capital’s brand refresh and new website are key pieces in the business lender’s digital transformation journey.

Wayne Morris, Fifo Capital’s CEO said, “Fifo Capital has always championed better ways for Australian businesses to finance their business. And now, through our brand and digital transformation work, we are rapidly making it easier for businesses to take control of their finances and access better ways to use working capital solutions.”

“We are targeting all businesses. Because what we offer, as our new tagline captures rather neatly is ‘Finance that’s built for business’. Our business finance solutions benefit all businesses. And that’s why we’re expanding our positioning to support businesses of all sizes.”

Zoe Hayden, Head of Marketing, said, “Fifo Capital had already built an incredibly strong reputation, based on trust and authenticity. What we set out to do with the rebrand and the new website, was to bring that excellent service model to life across digital channels, too. And by modernising and humanising the brand, we are looking to attract a much wider potential customer base, targeting Australian businesses as well as broker channels.”
Wayne Morris said, “What I like most about Fifo Capital’s new positioning is that it reflects our absolute passion and drive to support and strengthen the Australian business community. And it also future-proofs our main brand as we get ready to launch Fifopay.”

“We’re on a journey. And we have a lot of exciting and powerful new AI and technical features that we are about to roll out and introduce to market through our new Fifopay platform. By keeping the two brands in step, we’re ensuring we’re ready to deliver on our plans to revolutionise the way Australian businesses do business — giving every business, regardless of their size, access to next level finance and better decision-making power in how they manage their business’ day-to-day finances.”

Fifopay is due to launch in early December 2022. The Fifo Capital website will go live on 11 November 2022.