EzzyBills customers now receive e-invoices from BOC Gas

EzzyBills customers now receive e-invoices from BOC Gas

E-invoicing, the ability for invoices to be sent between the software of a supplier and the software of a purchaser in a standard electronic format, is starting to become a reality in Australian business.

E-invoices eliminate the need to send invoices via paper or email. It is fast, secure and far more reliable than these other methods. E-invoices are also far easier to process by a software program than scanned documents and PDF files.

With lots of time spent building infrastructure and receiving accreditation over the past months, EzzyBills customers can now receive e-invoices. E-invoices will be processed by EzzyBills in a matter of seconds and exported into clients’ accounting software automatically.

However, receiving e-invoices is only half of the puzzle.

The other half is that suppliers need to start sending them.

BOC Gas, Australia’s leading gas and welding specialist, is one of the first major Australian suppliers to join the Peppol E-invoicing network to start sending e-invoices.

Peppol is the e-invoicing standard that will be rolled out throughout the Australia and New Zealand regions. It is a standard that had been used extensively in the European market since 2012.

Earlier this week, businesses who are clients of EzzyBills and of BOC Gas, started receiving these e-invoices automatically through their current EzzyBills subscription.

“This is a very exciting moment for EzzyBills and our clients,” shares Michael Fitzmaurice, Co-Founder of EzzyBills. “It is great to see the hard work of building the integration and being accredited through the Peppol network is finally benefitting our clients.”

The benefits of e-invoicing include:

  • Being up to 70% faster than other types of invoice processing
  • Minimising human error in transporting and processing invoices
  • Efficiency, accuracy, and security

EzzyBills and their clients are also involved in e-invoicing beta testing with other major Australian suppliers and are looking forward to them sending e-invoices in the coming weeks and months.

“Small businesses have enough on their plates,” Michael remarked. “Enabling e-invoicing allows them to save time and money to focus their energy on growing their business.”