EzzyBills can now be used as a stand-alone document storage option

EzzyBills can now be used as a stand-alone document storage option

While best known for getting data from supplier bills and expense receipts directly into Xero, MYOB and QuickBooks, EzzyBills can now be used as a stand-alone document storage option for both personal and business clients.

“We have had multiple bookkeepers and accountants come to us asking for a solution for their tax clients,” shares Michael Fitzmaurice, co-founder of EzzyBills. “These professionals are looking for a secure and easily accessible method for the clients to share their bills and expenses without all of the features of bookkeeping software.”

Once signing up for an account, the client or the tax professional can scan documents into EzzyBills via a unique e-mail address, drag and drop, or a mobile app to get their documents into their EzzyBills account. Documents are then stored in EzzyBills for 7 years and can be sorted by filters such as supplier or date. They can then be used to list expenses on tax returns being prepared by the accountant. And EzzyBills also serves as a secure digital storage vault.

To use this feature, when creating an EzzyBills account, simply choose “store invoice” under the “integrate with” tab instead of selecting the software that EzzyBills integrates with.

Once a trial account is set-up, clients can start testing the software in minutes to see how it works.

For the tax professionals, EzzyBills’ pricing structure makes this a cost-effective method to use for multiple clients. As such, EzzyBills charges based on document quota and not individual client.

“We wanted to create a pricing structure that allows accounting firms to use this functionality for all of their personal tax clients irrespective of whether the client processes 30 or 3000 invoices monthly,” reports Michael. “This makes it cost effective and allows accounting firms to use EzzyBills for all of their clients without having to evaluate whether the cost is justifiable.”

To test this functionality with no obligation to purchase, go to EzzyBills, select “30-days free trial,” and enter your business details to get started.