Easter egg or nest egg? Gifting gold to adult children this Easter

Easter egg or nest egg? Gifting gold to adult children this Easter

By Sybil Williams, Marketing & Product at Rush Gold


Easter is traditionally a time of renewal and of looking forward to the new year. And of course, of giving and receiving chocolate eggs!

But what if, this Easter, you could give your adult children something longer lasting than chocolate, and more valuable to their future?

Gifting gold (and more recently, silver) has long been one of Rush’s most-used features. Parents especially use Rush to add to their children’s nest eggs not just because it’s a fun, cool and interesting way to show you care, but because it enables families to talk about finances in new ways.

Many families want to set the next generation on the road to financial security as early as possible. Increasing numbers of Rush investors are doing just that – utilising Rush’s gifting functionality to introduce their loved ones to the power of precious metals.

Georgia Lee, mother of 3 adult children, and Leo Vasilunas, a determined 19-year-old, have shared their experiences with Rush. Their stories illustrate the impact of gifting gold through our platform, and the benefits they believe it offers for both the giver and the recipient.

Georgia Lee: empowering financial security

For Georgia Lee, investing in her children’s future goes beyond traditional gifts. With each major milestone such as graduation and birthday, she gifts them 99.99% pure LMBA gold bullion. She can do this instantly, even from overseas. A long-term Rush customer, Georgia values this opportunity to express her love with tangible investments for her children.

“It’s more than just a gift,” Georgia reflects. “Gold has historically been a valuable asset that tends to hold its worth over time and it’s not only a tangible way to show how much we care but also an investment in their future financial security.”

“Usually, gifting gold – either jewellery or some other form of gold – would be a logistical challenge – but this has made it easier!” she notes. “With Rush, it’s as simple as a few taps on my phone. Plus, it opens up conversations about financial literacy and the importance of investing wisely.”

Georgia continues, “With their first gift, we talked about how to set up gold prices so they can track the value of their investment, and choose their time to add to their golden nest egg. Plus I love that Rush keeps them (and me!) up to date about gold pricing and economic updates so even if we don’t have time to chase the information, we understand the forces that are influencing the value of our investment.”

Georgia’s children also embrace the sentiment behind the gift, often choosing to add their own funds to their gold holdings. “It’s a gateway to investment,” she says with pride.

“They see the value in preserving and growing their wealth, and Rush makes it accessible and engaging for them.”

Leo Vasilunas: achieving financial independence, one gram at a time

For Leo Vasilunas, receiving gold on his 18th birthday was a revelation. “It was unlike any gift I’d ever received,” he recalls. “Not only was it unique and cool, but it made me feel like I was actually now an adult with real investment assets!”

From the moment Leo received the notification of his gift, he felt its significance. “Since I received it, I have been watching as the value of the gold has increased,” he shares. “It was my first real investment as an adult, and it meant the world to know that my grandmother and aunt were thinking ahead for me. I loved the personal message they sent along with it in the app too!”

Leo views his gold investment as an important step in his financial strategy. “I’m not in a hurry to spend it,” he explains. “Instead, I see it as a safety net—a foundation I can build on with other investment assets as I get older. Plus – I’ve just got my first job so I’m looking forward to adding to my Rush account too!”

Unlocking financial freedom: the Rush advantage

At Rush Gold, we believe in empowering investors to have control of their financial destinies. Through our platform, gifting gold and silver becomes more than a gesture—it can become a catalyst for long-term prosperity.

Users like Georgia can easily navigate the world of gold investment, nurturing financial literacy and security for generations to come. And for recipients like Leo, receiving the gift of gold is a symbolic step towards financial independence.

And as Georgia concludes “I also love the idea that my kids have a financial back-stop – if they need to spend their gold with the Rush Mastercard – that’s there for them too!”

Designed for maximum flexibility and convenience, whether you’re saving for the future or seizing opportunities in the present, our platform is designed to meet your evolving needs.

So this Easter, instead of hunting for chocolate eggs, consider gifting your adult children a nest egg that will last long after the bunny hops away. Join us at Rush in making this holiday a golden opportunity for financial empowerment and security.