Diversiview targets the Indian market

Diversiview targets the Indian market

LENSELL has been selected as the single Australian FinTech business to enter the acceleration phase of The Big LEAP incubator program, along with 4 other startups from HealthTech and EdTech areas.

The Big LEAP is an Australian based incubator supported by AusIndustry, La Trobe University, T-Hub (India based incubator) and Arrow Digital Marketing, that helps Australian startups wanting to expand into the booming Indian market.

Diversiview is a unique portfolio analysis and optimisation software developed by the team at LENSELL, that enables retail investors and professional investment advisors to take their investment portfolios to the next performance level.

It helps investors to run comprehensive analyses of their portfolios and it also solves the investment sizing problem. Using state of the art technology built on top of Nobel prize winning financial research from Harry Markowitz (the Modern Portfolio Theory), they can calculate optimal or other efficient asset allocations for their portfolios, in seconds.

Although the number of Indian retail investors is currently only approx. 10% of the Indian population, it has been constantly growing during the past few years, and recently India Reclaimed Spot as the World’s Fifth Largest Stock Market.

The LENSELL team is looking to use the Big LEAP accelerator to learn more about the Indian market, find and access valuable market opportunities and launch its Diversiview product there.

If you have any questions or you’d wish to discuss collaboration, please contact the team at [email protected] or [email protected].