Digital verification moves into the fast lane

Digital verification moves into the fast lane

The CEO of two successful broker-tech businesses sees “a massive opportunity” to expand the reach and usefulness of his products yet further.

From the same tech group behind document collection platform Ezidox, Verimoto is an app that was made available to brokers just a few months ago, but has already revolutionised the process of financing second-hand cars.

“The feedback from everybody is that it’s great. In fact, they’re pushing us to expand Verimoto beyond motorcars into all the other assets that people finance, like caravans, trailers, boats, and campervans,” explained Ezidox and Verimoto CEO, Geoff Kendall.

“We’re about to launch the second version of Verimoto which will cover all those aspects as well,” he added.

However, Kendall’s vision for the future extends even further. He expects to expand into the plant and equipment space next, and hopes to eventually release Verimoto as a consumer product to be used by anyone buying a car, even if they’re doing so with their own money.

“The opportunity is truly massive,” Kendall said.

A large portion of the app’s success lies in the unique approach to business taken at Lakeba Group, the incubator hub that supported the development of both Ezidox and Verimoto.

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Source: Digital verification moves into the fast lane