Digital bank Up launches international payments powered by TransferWise

Digital bank Up launches international payments powered by TransferWise

Up announce that international payments powered by TransferWise has arrived. Now you can get a fast, easy and cheap way to move your money overseas all from your Up app. Move money in for 48 different currencies, no surprise fees and a super-fast set up.

With over 250,000 users, Up has challenged the traditional banking system by offering accounts that live on your phone. The mobile app and experience is convenient, sleek, and smart — and even helps to track spending habits and savings.

Like Up, TransferWise wants to make finance fairer. And more transparent. By partnering, they hope to help them build the best experience possible for customers to make international payments.

The first of its kind in Australia, TransferWise’s partnership allows Up customers to send money abroad in 48 currencies without leaving the Up app. At the same price and speed as if they were using TransferWise.

“Partnerships like this deliver a new way to think about banking, where traditional banks would provide this service themselves. Up has continued to turn banking on its head and find the most seamless, customer friendly way to provide services customers love,” said Dom Pym, Co-Founder of Up.

As of now, these enhanced international banking features can only be found in Australia with Up. Fast transfers, convenience, and no hidden fees or exchange rate markups.

“Our customers have been asking for this feature, so TransferWise and Up are very excited to be able to go live for Australian customers today. We share a common vision to help modernise financial systems and provide a fair and transparent banking experience for consumers. We want to take the experience of managing your money from a place of stress and anxiety to a place that’s simple, convenient, and even fun,” added Pym.

To learn more about Up’s TransferWise integration head over to their new TransferWise page.