Devenish Law extends its 10-year relationship with Wolters Kluwer

Devenish Law extends its 10-year relationship with Wolters Kluwer

Devenish Law, a long standing Wolters Kluwer customer, recently implemented CCH Pinpoint®, to enhance the productivity, accuracy, and profitability of its legal practice.

The CCH Pinpoint® solution was developed to address the immediate needs of the legal profession and deliver an innovative research platform designed by lawyers for lawyers. It offers research and practical tools across 27 practice areas to improve efficiency and save time on legal analysis.

Devenish Law recently went live with CCH Pinpoint® for its Cairns-based practice. A 10-year veteran subscriber to CCH IntelliConnect meant the practice was familiar with the deep industry expertise and insights from the software technology and publishing experts at Wolters Kluwer.

“Our experience so far has proved CCH Pinpoint® is a superior platform. The team can jump in and find what they are looking for in a clean, modern format. There is more material available, and it’s straightforward to get to that material. The format is more accessible and being able to set up your practice area, allows the depth and curation of specialist material to give us much greater ROI,” said Stephen Devenish, Principal, Devenish Law. 

Devenish Law has also expanded the number of practice areas it subscribes to with CCH Pinpoint®, adding Bankruptcy and Insolvency Law, Company Law and Litigation, Evidence and Procedure Law. This practice area research is expected to support the firm’s legal capabilities as it aims to help Australian business in challenging times ahead.

CCH Pinpoint®‘s highly convenient tracker functionality is already proving popular with the Devenish legal team . Described as ‘ideal for regional law firms’, the tracker subscription service helps keep the team across specific practice areas. It ensures they stay up to date with legal developments and rulings. The proactivity of the service is an excellent way to impart knowledge and maintain a level of confidence the advice Devenish Law is providing is current and highly valuable for clients.

“Ultimately we are trying to solve problems for our clients and give them the best outcomes we can. CCH Pinpoint® is one of the most effective tools we have to efficiently, accurately and quickly respond to clients – it’s a great productivity tool for us,” said Stephen Devenish, Principal, Devenish Law. 

With CCH Pinpoint®, legal researchers are only shown results relevant to their query as information is specified by selecting from one of CCH Pinpoint’s® 27 practice area options. Insights are gathered from current legislation, commentary, cases and practical tools such as precedents, forms, checklists and topic guides. Whether it’s ‘black letter law’ or expert guidance, everything can be found within this single platform.

It is this capability which is proving a resounding success when it comes to attracting and retaining talent, as well as ensuring junior lawyers are sourcing accurate legal information.

“The digitally-savvy junior lawyers look for premium business tools in their work environment today. They know the time and reputation benefit of incorporating Wolters Kluwer CCH solutions into their daily workflow. And as a manager, I feel reassured we are avoiding the issues of internet-searches that provide information that may be false. CCH Pinpoint® gives me peace of mind,” said Stephen Devenish, Principal, Devenish Law. 

Devenish Law is also a long-time subscriber to the CCH Australian Master Tax Guide and additional legal reference materials. It considers its partnership with Wolters Kluwer as its dominant supply relationship for expert information which underpins its ability to deliver expert advice in its chosen practice areas.