DASH bolsters its modelling offering by adding Optimo Pathfinder to its advice marketplace

DASH bolsters its modelling offering by adding Optimo Pathfinder to its advice marketplace

DASH is an advice technology company focused on solving problems and driving true software and investment platform connectivity across the end-to-end adviser experience. DASH’s Advice Marketplace offers access to a range of specialist software that are integrated, thereby allowing advisers to create their own financial planning ecosystem. Advisers can choose to use DASH’s complete solution or parts of its technology toolkit to complement their existing workflow or to overcome a particular software gap.

To enhance advisers’ choice in building their ideal tech stack, DASH have added Optimo Pathfinder into the Advice Marketplace.

Optimo Financial was founded to simplify and streamline the complex world of financial modelling. Optimo Pathfinder’s powerful optimisation engine makes the variables and considerations of financial advice work for financial advisors, not against them. Pathfinder generates to a comprehensive financial strategy that best supports client’s goals.  In so doing it respects super, tax and investment rules while avoiding the risk of omissions and errors and saves time.

Michelle Bannister, Chief Executive Office at Optimo Financial said, “We are very excited to be integrating with DASH. The Pathfinder team is passionate about making high-quality strategy accessible to more Australian advisors and their clients – and DASH helps make that possible.”

Andrew Whelan, Chief Executive Officer at DASH said, “this integration proves to the market that we want to help advisers build their true best of breed tech stack. For advisers to get the most out of their technology provider, it’s important they are able to use the applications that suit their business and suit their processes.”

Optimo Pathfinder adds to this choice and brings an alternative long-term financial modelling tool for advisers to the Marketplace.”