Customers have more power than ever as continues on a disruptive path

Customers have more power than ever as continues on a disruptive path, the first AI powered loan marketplace in Australia, has officially rebranded.

Julian Fayad, CEO and Founder, said, “I am thrilled that for the first time, our business vision and purpose is clear to the market. We have managed to encapsulate the quirky, nerdy, and genuine good that our company wants to do in the loans market.  It has been unanimously well received and I am excited to shift into the next stage of the business’ growth.

“Today, I want to introduce you to (2.0). Same name, same awesome team but with a new look, new brand, a clear purpose, an all new amazing website and more.” makes getting the best loans easily accessible to everyone (even those without a finance degree). wants to continue to bring transparency and advanced technology that has never been seen before to an otherwise dinosaur industry and put the control back into the customers hands.

Julian concluded, “We choose to publish rates and fees from over 68 lenders upfront and there is no obligation for the client to proceed if we do not find them a suitable offer. Special thank you to the entire team at Aiims Group who knocked this project out of the park. I cannot recommend enough and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. They managed to encapsulate the company mission, values, goals and its people within the brand and more importantly they over delivered in every aspect. They also worked closely whilst incorporating and connecting to our sister companies powerful DRIVE IQ software ecosystem.”

Check out the brand-new website and re-brand: