Customer loyalty schemes set to go to the next level with Gratifii and OpenSparkz

Customer loyalty schemes set to go to the next level with Gratifii and OpenSparkz

ASX-listed Gratifii (GTI) and loyalty scheme platform provider OpenSparkz today announced their industry-leading loyalty solution is now operational, in a win-win for merchants and customers.

The partnership between the two companies has brought together the two halves of a whole, with a wide range of merchant offers and customer rewards now harnessed to an accessible delivery platform.

Announcing the availability of the new Payment Linked Loyalty Solution, OpenSparkz Chief Executive Terry McMullen said, “What makes the Gratifii and OpenSparkz partnership so powerful is that it joins our award-winning payment linked technology with the rich offer content and loyalty assets from Gratifii to deliver a total solution at a disruptively low cost.”

Existing loyalty programs in Australia are powered by outdated legacy technologies, where consumers must still identify themselves at the point of sale through digital membership IDs in a cumbersome and time-consuming process.

“Our tech teams have been able to work together seamlessly to deliver a world class solution for the frictionless accumulation and redemption of rewards,” said Gratifii Executive Chairman Iain Dunstan.

Consumers just link the credit or debit cards they normally use to their preferred loyalty program, then make a purchase to get rewards automatically in real time. There is no more need for digital membership cards and offer coupons or vouchers.

“For merchants it means being able to use offers and rewards to generate increased sales without the hassle of POS integration, data capture or staff training,” said Dunstan.

“The market needs a unique solution like this and we are excited to work with the Gratifii team to bring our market-leading solution to life,” added McMullen.

For rewards program operators, the access to previously unavailable real time transaction data enables deep data analytics to drive better customer and merchant engagement.
“We look forward to rolling this solution out to our existing enterprise clients and new prospects seeking a Rewards as a Service solution,” said Dunstan.
Payment linking is rapidly gaining traction in Australia with major banks, telecommunications companies, airlines and retailers all looking to introduce payment linked loyalty programs in 2022.
According to a 2021 study by leading direct marketing specialist Adam Posner, payment card linking has increased 400% since it first emerged in 2017.