CryptoSpend announce rebrand to Wayex as part of growth and expansion plans

CryptoSpend announce rebrand to Wayex as part of growth and expansion plans

CryptoSpend, the founders of Australia’s first visa-backed Crypto card, have announced they will rebrand to Wayex, as the business continues to expand and grow beyond its formative offerings.

Chief Executive Officer Andrew Grech said the new brand Wayex acts as a catalyst for growth, differentiation and continued relevance in the market.

“We needed our brand to reflect our future, show the way forward and that we are about more than just crypto,” Grech said. “With Wayex, you can now spend and trade crypto your way.”

The CryptoSpend name has been in operation since the business launched in 2018, but now doesn’t truly represent what the company offers.

Chief Operating Officer Richard Voice said the new name Wayex demonstrates the company’s future direction, “that CryptoSpend is adapting and expanding beyond its current offerings to better serve the needs of its users and remain at the forefront of technological advancement.”

“It emphasises the business is not only adapting to the present, but also actively shaping the future of the crypto industry,” Voice said.

The rebrand will be a seamless transition to a new identity and Cryptospend users can continue to rely on us to deliver the best products and services.

“Since we set out as Cryptospend back in 2020, we have continued to work at ways of enhancing the overall customer experience, with a real commitment to ongoing innovation in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. The new brand Wayex signals that the offer will be more than crypto – the new name provides a wider platform to speak to the market and our valued customers, past, present and future,” Grech said.

Wayex, which has 32,000 customers, will introduce new functionality and offers as well as delivery of even more improved products and services that cater to the evolving demands of the Web3 and crypto community.