Copying investors via SelfWealth resulted in a 36% return over two years

Copying investors via SelfWealth resulted in a 36% return over two years

Australia’s fastest growing online share trading platform, SelfWealth, continues to innovate and provide Australian investors with outperformance.

SelfWealth started out in 2012 as a way of providing unique, market-beating trading insights by way of its ‘power of the crowd’ community data. That same community in 2019 is represented by over 60,000 real investment portfolios, which are then ranked to determine the best investors.

Representing a strong sample of the Australian share trading population, it is then no surprise that the platform continues to show outperformance when compared to the industry benchmark, the ASX200. Annualised over a four-year period, the main index is providing a 10.32% return, including dividends, and 38.77% over the past two years.

This most popular portfolio model, the SelfWealth Top 10, used by over 50% of users of the SelfWealth community product, takes the top 20 stocks from the top ten investors and gives them equal weighting then updates them at the start of every quarter.

Top investors are identified by a rigorous propriety ranking tool, aptly named the WealthCheck Score. What the WealthCheck Score successfully achieves is identifying great investors, not investors with one or two lucky picks that performed well over a short period. As the industry knows, past performance isn’t an indicator of future performance. The tool balances out short-term performance with long-term weighting, diversification of the portfolio as well as an independent valuation of the portfolio (under- or over-valued) from the well-known data company, Refinitiv (previously Thomson Reuters).

The innovative solution – accessible to new and seasoned investors alike – unlocks information and data that has otherwise been held by a small few, a small few that charge exorbitant fees.

Andrew Ward, Founder and CEO, has backed the method since its inception many years ago, “The data and Power of the Crowd is a topic that I’ve spoken about passionately over the years. The method and the product continue to provide our members with returns not available by simply tracking the market. There is a belief that to access outperformance, such as our community consistently delivers, you need to pay someone else a lot of money to do it for you. SelfWealth allows you to take full control of your portfolio, unlock outperformance, own shares directly and do so on Australia’s cheapest and only flat-fee share brokering platform. I take great personal satisfaction in seeing individuals and families using our tools to improve their wealth.”

The share trading platform continues to strengthen, with record numbers of new customers and trade volume growth in recent results, underpinned by sufficient capital that was recently raised from institutional investors and existing shareholders alike. Updated quarterly results will be available via the ASX before the end of April.

A full breakdown of the current portfolio mentioned in this article can be found on the SelfWealth blog at