Moondrops Quant Pty Ltd

The Moondrops mobile app is a Crypto screener for traders. Collectively filter 200+ Binance coins by technical indicators and add alerts on different time frames: 15 minute, 1 hour, 4 hour, and 1 day. Moondrops provides a simple interface to explore strategy ideas and filter cryptocurrencies.


When a candle closes on a chart, trades are opened, closed, won and lost. At these decision points, Moondrops runs an analysis with 18+ technical analysis indicators for almost every trading pair on Binance. Custom filter alerts are sent to subscribed users, and data is synced to the mobile app.


Current set of indicators include: Japanese Candlestick Patterns, Price Change %, RSI, RSI divergence (regular), EMAs (12/26 & 50/200), MACD, Ichimoku, TD Sequential, Fibonacci, Stochastic, Stochastic RSI, ATR, and Bollinger Bands. Use the indicator results to sort and filter your list, or combine indicators to create advanced strategies.


Moondrops publish various statistical reports on current markets, to help our users compare indicators across time frames objectively. The first Indicator Audit Jan-July 2019 evaluates indicator performance using simple entry/exit criteria for the Top 10 USDT pairs on Binance


Modern tools for an evolving market – Moondrops is a complementary tool for your charting and technical analysis. Find your setups quicker, filter out the noise and refine your edge.