LightYear Docs saw a problem, so they reimagined it. LightYear Docs was founded on the belief that providing practical solutions that improve an accounting or financial services business would revolutionise the often-complicated legal documentation and client advice process.

Designed with you, your business and your client in mind, the innovative LightYear Docs platform allows you to create documents, learn and implement strategies and benefit from expert knowledge, partnerships, and member benefit programs. They help professionals reimagine their businesses from day one by empowering them with some of Australia’s most strategic and advanced documents, collaboration tools, and strategies.

The LightYear Docs unique document wizard provides access to more than 150 different legal documents and strategy packs (or workflows) with full legal sign-off from Abbott & Mourly Lawyers. And the revolutionary LY Surge app ensures they’re ready to help your practice be the best it can be, where and whenever you are.