Lakeba Group

Recognised as a Most Innovative Company by The Australian Financial Review, Lakeba Group conceives, creates and commercialises the actualities of the fourth industrial revolution, or Industry 4.0 – defined by the World Economic Forum as the “fundamental change in the way we live, work, and relate to one another.”

Our harnessing of technologies creates an inclusive, human-centred future, empowering us to drive business advances from opportunities in the physical, digital and commercial arenas. Across markets throughout the world, scaling to international sectors and industries by focussing on four business lines:

1. Financial Services
2. Data
3. Code.I.Q.
4. Engagement, Payments & Loyalty

Founded in 2013, Lakeba Group has already successfully commercialised eleven ventures; operating out of North America, Europe, South Africa, Asia and Australia.

These and further ventures are conceived and created by an international team of 190 entrepreneurs, financiers, lawyers, marketers and technology experts. Invested in machine learning, cybersecurity, blockchain and cloud computing; by collaborating with industry, customers and international networks of universities, investors and big tech partners, including Microsoft & IBM.

The future began yesterday. It improves today.