One Platform to Manage your Firm’s Receivables

Apxium Collect: Simply approve the invoice and let Apxium get you paid faster with less work. A total receivables toolkit, with payments (0.88% credit card rate), engagements, direct debit, funding, reminders/SMS and reconciliations.

Apxium is the fully automated and integrated debtor management and payment gateway system, it helps accountants increase cash flow, reduces debtor days and bad debts. Apxium seamlessly integrates with all leading industry accounting packages and both interrogates and writes back to these packages. Packages including: MYOB AE/AO, Reckon APS and Xero/XPM.

Apxium is an expert in Accounts Receivable solutions for accountants, bookkeepers and their SMB clients. Ask for a FREE sandbox!

Key features include:

Automated AR
·  Automated invoice data interrogation
·  Automated, branded and customisable emails and SMS
·  All communications provide link to firm’s branded payment gateway

Payment Gateway
·  Credit card
·  Direct debit (paperless)
·  Virtual POS

All payments
·  Journaled back
·  Automatically receipted to client

·  Comprehensive, real-time reporting
·  Clients access all past payments and communications history through branded portal

·   Paperless professional fee funding

Audit Safe: Accountants, increase your firm’s cash flow by offering the new compliance service and ceasing audit insurance.