CoinJar opens the trading floor with Australia’s fastest digital currency exchange

CoinJar opens the trading floor with Australia’s fastest digital currency exchange

Australian cryptocurrency company CoinJar, has launched its new high-speed digital currency trading platform, CoinJar Exchange.

The exchange is the fastest in Australia, and will allow cryptocurrency traders to trade Bitcoin and Australian Dollars against popular cryptocurrencies Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple.

CoinJar Exchange boasts a superior trading engine which processes and fills orders faster than any of its competitors in Australia. This reduces latency and provides sophisticated and retail traders with a faster experience when trading using the CoinJar Exchange.

Integration with buy and sell orders from other exchanges will provide greater market liquidity, allowing CoinJar traders to enter and exit with ease. The exchange also has an open trading application programming interface (API), allowing developers to build, and traders to use advanced algorithmic trading systems to give them an edge.

“Traders are looking for more sophisticated and advanced ways to capitalise off the volatility of digital currency. A digital currency trading platform has been a long-requested product from the company’s customers and in line with demand, we’ve developed CoinJar Exchange, said CoinJar CEO Asher Tan.

The digital currency industry has experienced exponential growth as it has catapulted into the mainstream. In 2009 the first cryptocurrency Bitcoin was created but today, there are more than 3,000 tradeable crypto assets in existence.

As governments and corporations continue to invest into blockchain technology, the popularity of crypto assets and decentralised systems is only set to increase.

“Cryptocurrency and blockchain is growing in popularity and as mainstream demand grows, the industry must also grow to meet it,” continued Mr Tan.

CoinJar Exchange will complement CoinJar’s existing offerings which include popular cryptocurrency wallet CoinJar, iOS and Android supported payments app CoinJar Touch, and CoinJar Swipe – Australia’s first Bitcoin EFTPOS card.