CFH Partners with FinTech Industry

We are:

  • FinTech industry participant
  • FinTech early adopter
  • FinTech industry supporter
  • FinTech industry professional services provider

We are experienced in the FinTech industry. Our FinTech journey started back in 2014 when we explored blockchain technology and became involved in cryptocurrency accounting, auditing and taxation. We also participated in the development of several FinTech platforms. We have a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the FinTech industry and the needs of the participants. Our partners studied blockchain technology and FinTech strategies with Oxford University in 2018 and attended the London Tech week in 2019.

We apply FinTech to our own lending platform to facilitate our clients to access financial services. We adopted a FinTech that could provide our clients loan options in less than 5 minutes and they can lodge applications online straight away.

We support FinTech participants in

  • FinTech startups structure consultation and advisory services
  • FinTech startups initial capital and scale-ups fundraising
  • FinTech businesses R&D incentive and government grants or licences application


Our mission is to be a leading FinTech professional practice and guide Australian FinTech business to grow.

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