Cabcharge now integrates with Google Pay for Digital Passes

Cabcharge now integrates with Google Pay for Digital Passes

Ever since we’ve had taxis, we’ve needed to get someone else to pay for our rides. Whether it’s a gift to help and loved one get somewhere or a business expense to ferry someone from point A to point B, figuring out how that payment will work has presented some challenges over the years.

Australia’s Cabcharge system has been helping Australian businesses to manage travel and expenses for a long time now, and is committed to keeping pace with technology to help businesses manage these more easily and efficiently. They’ve recently launched Cabcharge Digital Pass alongside a brand refresh, bringing their payment system into Google Pay on your phone to make it easier for businesses and travelers.

One of the big problems with traveling on Cabcharge is getting a physical Cabcharge – originally a piece of paper into which you’d write the details of your fare, and more recently an NFC-enabled card that could be tapped for payment – to the person who’s taking the ride. This is solved by sending their Cabcharge as a Digital Pass – it arrives by email and has a button to add the pass to your Google Pay account – which should provide a tangible saving to businesses that move over to the new system.

The Digital Pass can have an optional restrictions applied including a capped dollar value (so you won’t pay more than $X for the ride you’re giving), and a limit on the time of day at which it can be used (ensuring empires aren’t misusing their Cabcharge vouchers, for example). The Digital Pass works through Google Pay with any NFC-enabled phone – at payment time, the driver selects Cabcharge payment and you tap your phone on the terminal to pay (just like the NFC cards).


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