Why Bitcoin is here to stay

Why Bitcoin is here to stay

The real game changer of Bitcoin is the underlying network of highly secure computers that support it.

These computers run a new form of database called “blockchain.”  Blockchain technology enables money and data to move without having to rely on a trusted middleman.

It’s truly revolutionary. Already more than $3 billion a day is transacted across the Bitcoin network without the need for a central clearing authority.

That has never happened before and it makes Bitcoin a unique asset. Software developers across the world are building applications designed to piggyback off this network.

Over the next few years we’ll begin to see a host of new applications emerge for Bitcoin and the network that supports it.

They will support everything from cloud storage, asset tracking to recording land registries and much more that we can’t even imagine yet.

That’s why Bitcoin will continue to grow in value.

So watch this space for massive changes in the way we do business and our everyday lives.

Source: Press Release: Why Bitcoin Is Here To Stay