BGL updates integration with MYOB GreatSoft

BGL updates integration with MYOB GreatSoft

BGL Corporate Solutions has announced the release of its enhanced integration with leading business management platform MYOB GreatSoft practice management.

“We are excited to roll out our new and improved two-way practice management integration with GreatSoft,” said BGL‘s Managing Director Ron Lesh. “This integration streamlines the management of company, SMSF, trust, and individual client and contact data across four apps in a single database. This eliminates the need for manual and duplicated data entry, freeing up valuable time and resources for clients.”

Valantis Vais, Head of Product – Enterprise for MYOB, said, “Accounting Practices are struggling with an industry-wide shortage of Accountants, so reducing the amount of precious time wasted keeping data in sync between BGL’s suite of products and MYOB GreatSoft with a seamless 2-way workflow will help reduce pressure on the existing teams. Plus, this integration demonstrates our commitment to creating an Open Business Management Platform for Accountants.”

The new and improved two-way BGL Practice Management Integration (Version 2) connects MYOB’s GreatSoft practice management software with the BGL Suite, which includes company, trust and AML management software, CAS 360, SMSF administration software, Simple Fund 360 and accounting, investment and tax software, Simple Invest 360.

“The integration features client and contact level synchronisation, prompts to review a client/contact before syncing to an app and provides notifications for duplicate clients/contacts,” continued Lesh. “It also includes the ability to add clients/contacts in bulk, view client/contact relationships and change history. All clients/contacts can be searched and filtered in the Client List screen.”

“So, if a client’s details change in the BGL Suite (CAS 360, Simple Fund 360 and Simple Invest 360), this change is automatically updated in GreatSoft,” added Lesh. “Also, when client or contact details change in any app, our company compliance software, CAS 360, will prompt clients to prepare all the relevant ASIC compliance documents.”

BGL plans to extend this integration to other practice management partners.

BGL’s free and open API is used extensively across the industry with 350+ data feed and integration partners in the BGL Ecosystem, delivering a holistic experience to BGL clients.