BGL automates cryptocurrency trading data with Digital Surge

BGL automates cryptocurrency trading data with Digital Surge

BGL Corporate Solutions announce its Simple Fund 360 and Simple Invest 360 solutions are now integrated with the digital currency exchange platform, Digital Surge to automate cryptocurrency trading data.

“We are excited to add our third cryptocurrency exchange to the BGL Ecosystem,” said Ron Lesh, BGL’s Managing Director. “Simple Fund 360 and Simple Invest 360 now administer hundreds of millions in cryptocurrencies and as the sector grows, we need to look for new ways to help our clients process cryptocurrency transactions.”

“Integration with Digital Surge will make it easy for our clients to trade cryptocurrency,” continued Lesh. “Instead of manually uploading the data into our software, BGL clients can now automatically receive daily cryptocurrency trading data and balances from Digital Surge directly into Simple Fund 360 and Simple Invest 360.”

Digital Surge Co-Founder and CEO, Dan Rutter, said, “We’re very pleased to join the BGL Ecosystem. With the SMSF industry seeing a 90% increase in crypto trading activity during 2021, building out compliance and reporting for SMSFs has been a key focus for the company. The integration between our platform and BGL allows us to streamline this process and further simplify crypto trading for our customers.”

Digital Surge is a Brisbane-based digital currency exchange platform providing a uniquely easy way to buy, sell and store cryptocurrency in Australia.

Simple Fund 360 is a multi-award-winning, AI-powered SMSF administration solution providing streamlined SMSF compliance management and administration. Simple Invest 360 is an end-to-end investment portfolio management solution helping accountants and investors streamline CGT compliance management for companies, individuals and trusts.

BGL’s free and open API is highly regarded and used extensively across the industry, with 350+ data feed and integration partners in the BGL Ecosystem delivering a holistic experience to our clients.