Award-winning Aussie fintech Rush Gold in the right place at the right time

Award-winning Aussie fintech Rush Gold in the right place at the right time

Rush Gold (previously Send Gold) has been a regular at Australian fintech awards over the years and is now really coming into its own with the current rush to gold in the investment market.

Rush Gold was launched in 2016 to democratise access to gold as an investment asset, and has gained a customer base that includes higher net worth customers who appreciate the easy access to buy and sell gold, with the added ability to link their Rush Gold Mastercard to make real-time payments from their gold account.

Gold generally runs counter cycle to equities and has long been a safe haven asset to protect from inflation. For those wanting to have less exposure to the banking system, especially in today’s economic climate, it’s the ideal asset class, and has really come into its own over the last few weeks, with a 10% increase in the gold price. And investment bank Goldman Sachs is citing “the new trifecta in gold demand” as retail, fund, and central bank buying all surge at the same time.

CEO and Co-Founder, Jodi Stanton, said, “Whilst many have always believed in gold’s place in an investment portfolio, we built Rush Gold for exactly the current economic conditions. Having worked on Wall Street ahead of the GFC, I could see then that money was broken, and set up Rush Gold to help solve the problem. Now we’re seeing similar scenarios play out, so I’m proud that we’re providing a way for people to insulate themselves from banking system uncertainty.”

Jodi said, “Rush Gold is seeing heightened consumer demand with the recent hike in the gold price, and we wouldn’t be surprised if it doesn’t stop there. We’re not resting on our laurels either with some new asset classes, and new app on the horizon – watch this space!”