Australian FinTech partners with award winning currency transfer service TorFX

Australian FinTech is here to benefit FinTech companies in Australia and it’s the perfect platform to promote your company, brand awareness and your amazing products and services.

To assist on the foreign exchange currency side of your business, Australian FinTech has partnered with TorFX.

Australian FinTech have teamed up with award winning currency transfer service TorFX, to provide an alternative to the banks for transferring your funds internationally.

A great option for you to transfer your funds is through TorFX.

  • TorFX are assisting a large number of our clients to ensure they receive a more competitive exchange rate comparing to what the banks can offer
  • TorFX are a simple, safe and secure way to move your money around the world
  • The direct result of using TorFX to exchange your currency is that you get far more money and will save a significant amount on your transfer

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