Australian FinTech Membership – 50% off

Australian FinTech Membership – 50% off

For those fintech companies that are not already members of Australian FinTech – do you want your fintech company featured on the No.1 fintech website in Australia?

As we are halfway through our year to Nov 1, it’s currently 50% off our already super inexpensive (and super beneficial) membership – only $74.50 to 1 November 2019.

Get in now before the end of financial year so you can write it off as an advertising expense!

Do you want:

  • Your FinTech Company listed on Australia’s largest Directory of FinTechs, including:
    • Your company bio
    • Website backlinks
    • Logo
    • Slogan
    • Product & Services
    • Management details
    • Contact email
    • City location
  • Priority ranking on the Australian FinTech Directory
  • Links to your company’s Social Media pages
    • LinkedIn
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  • All your relevant press/news releases posted on Australian FinTech
  • Your press/news releases shared to 11,000+ (and growing!) global social media followers on LinkedIn, Twitter & Facebook
  • Backlinks to your website in any related articles we post
  • Your press/news releases appearing in the Australian FinTech newsletter 3,000+ subscribers
  • Social media posts re your hirings in our ‘FinTech Movers & Shakers’ campaign
  • “FinTech Company of the Week” – A company profile piece posted on Australian FinTech, shared across social media and featured in the Australian FinTech newsletter
  • Free subscriptions to the bi-weekly Australian FinTech newsletter

Annual Australian FinTech Membership & Directory Listing$149 now only $74.50 to 1 November 2019

If you’d like to know more information about our new ‘Australian FinTech sponsored by’ feature on our home page and most other pages of Australian FinTech, please get in touch.

Reach out and say ‘hi’ at [email protected]