Australian FinTech company profile #175 – SpendConsole

Australian FinTech company profile #175 – SpendConsole

1. Company Name: SpendConsole

2. Website:

3. Key Staff & Titles:

  • Abid Ali, Founder and CEO
  • Igor Golobin, Lead Architect
  • Tim Woodman, Director of Sales
  • Haseef Ahmed, Regional Director Middle East

4. Location(s):

  • HQ: Sydney, NSW, Australia
  • Operations: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

5. In one sentence, what does your fintech do?

SpendConsole revolutionizes enterprise business operations by streamlining supplier invoice management and payments, enhancing efficiency, compliance, and security.

6. How/why did you start your company?

SpendConsole was founded to tackle the unique challenges faced by Australian enterprises, filling a critical void left by foreign technology providers. Our mission addresses data sovereignty, legal practicability, and the local expertise gap, ensuring our solutions are tailored to the Australian context.

7. What is the best thing your company has achieved or learned along the way?

Our journey has been marked by customer acclaim, describing our solution as a ‘breath of fresh air’. Garnering early adoption by government and major mining clients, we take pride in our platform’s ability to deliver tangible benefits and foster trusted partnerships.

8. What’s some advice you’d give to an aspiring start-up?

Prioritise solving high ROI business problems for your clients, focusing on delivering value that speaks directly to their needs.

9. What’s next for your company? Are you looking to expand overseas or stay focused on Australia?

Following our successful expansion into the United Arab Emirates with a new office in Dubai, we are exploring further opportunities to grow internationally while continuing to innovate for our Australian clients.

10. What other companies do you admire?

We admire companies like SpaceX, Amazon, and Apple for their innovation, resilience, and capacity to redefine industries.

11. What’s the most interesting or funniest moment that’s happened in your company’s lifetime?

A standout moment was when we won a major mining account over industry giants in a public tender, a testament to our local advantage, proven AI platform, and commitment to partnership.