Australian FinTech company profile #142 – BizPay

Australian FinTech company profile #142 – BizPay

1. Company Name:BizPay

2. Website:

3. Key Staff & Titles: Paul Tee (Sales Director), Sylvia Huang (CEO), David Price (Founder)

4. Location(s): Australia, New Zealand & USA

5. In one sentence, what does your fintech do?: BizPay is Buy Now, Pay Later exclusively within the B2B market.

6. How / why did you start your fintech company?: 2019, explore a new market and assist young companies.

7. What is the best thing your company has achieved or learnt along the way (this can include awards, capital raising etc)?: Rapid growth and several successful capital raises.

8. What’s some advice you’d give to an aspiring start-up?: Roll with the punches.

9. What’s next for your company? And are you looking to expand overseas or stay focussed on Australia?: Expand into the UK and Asia. IPO IN 2022.

10. What other fintechs or companies do you admire?: Afterpay.