ASX-listed fintech Peppermint launches ‘Bizmoto Delivers’ micro-business pilot program in the Philippines

ASX-listed fintech Peppermint launches ‘Bizmoto Delivers’ micro-business pilot program in the Philippines

Peppermint Innovation Ltd (ASX: PIL) advises that a pilot of its Bizmoto Delivers micro-business program has commenced in the Philippines.

The program officially started in the province of Cavite last week (Friday, 5th April), with the first 15 BizmoGo riders accredited to build their own micro business using Peppermint’s Bizmoto technology platform combined with a motorcycle that allows them to provide services to the people of the Philippines via a mobile phone app.

The Bizmoto Delivers pilot program will also roll out in Novaliches, Bulacan and Pangasinan over the coming few weeks – with approximately 60 BizmoGo riders expected to be engaged in the Bizmoto Delivers trial.

The pilot program is deliberately targeting strategic areas of the Philippines where there is a high demand for Bizmoto’s services such as mobile payments, mobile eLoad, money transfers, logistics and delivery.

More than 65 billers nationwide can now be paid via the Bizmoto App, including various gas and electricity utilities, government agencies, telecommunication, insurance, loan and credit card companies.

The Bizmoto Delivers program will offer qualified BizmoGO riders a finance and insurance package that can assist them to buy a suitable motorcycle for their micro-business, adding the ability for riders to deliver basic commodities such as rice, water and LPG cylinders. It also presents other commercial opportunities, such as postage, package and food delivery.

Peppermint is working with TVS Global Automobile Trader FZCO (“TVS”) via a locally registered wholesale dealer in the Philippines to supply motorcycles, parts, service support and warranties for the Bizmoto Delivers program.

Under the Bizmoto model, Peppermint earns a fee for every transaction that is processed by an agent. To date, more than 11,800 Filipino people have registered with Bizmoto and Peppermint continues to develop further functionality to incorporate into the Bizmoto mobile app platform.

A major social media marketing campaign was launched to coincide with the start of the Bizmoto Delivers pilot program, which included the engagement of up and coming Filipino social media influencer Dante Gulapa.

Dante attracted more than 155,000 views in less than 24 hours from a video post featuring him promoting last Friday’s Bizmoto Delivers launch event.

Peppermint’s Managing Director & CEO Chris Kain said: “Bizmoto Delivers is the next natural evolution of our business and builds on the established payments platform that we have been operating in the Philippines. It provides an exciting opportunity for a Filipino person to build a micro business for themselves based on our multi-functional Bizmoto mobile app technology platform.

“A BizmoGo rider will be able to purchase and insure a motorcycle with the help of Peppermint and then use that motorcycle as an asset in their business to earn a minimum wage, while at the same time making payments back to the Company via the mobile wallet that sits in the Bizmoto app.

“The launch of Bizmoto Delivers really is another transformational turning point for Peppermint. We are now on the ground rolling out and working hard to expand the Bizmoto Delivers program at the start of a very exciting journey.”