AstuteWheel backs Adviser Innovation Summit

AstuteWheel backs Adviser Innovation Summit

This year’s summit has been designed to equip advisers with the knowledge and tools around the latest financial buzzwords and trends, including finfluencers, decentralised finance, and metaverse so advisers can not only capitalise on its potential but also gauge its impact on their advice practices and business operations.

AstuteWheel managing director Hans Egger noted that the client engagement system provider has been a sponsor of the Adviser Innovation Summit every year since its inception, adding that it is pleased to be involved in the conference with other innovators and thought leaders in the financial planning industry.

“Attendees at the summit this year will get an early look at the fantastic new software that AstuteWheel is developing and expects to release early in the new financial year,” Mr Egger said.

“New functionality and improvements to our existing tools and modelling calculators will be on show.

“Advisers are constantly asking for a software solution that provides a seamless end-to-and process. AstuteWheel is working hard to provide that outcome by linking our market leading client engagement software and modelling calculators to systems that provide back of office functionality.”

Geared towards financial advisers, fintech consultants, executives, and business owners, the agenda is packed with panel sessions and masterclasses to ensure that advisers walk away with practical tips on using these tools so their advice practices can thrive and prosper.

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