Apollo Capital becomes an advisor to Melbourne Mint’s digital currency project

Apollo Capital becomes an advisor to Melbourne Mint’s digital currency project

Enhanced Society has announced that Apollo Capital’s Henrik Andersson has joined as an advisor to Australia’s pre-eminent precious metals retailer, Melbourne Mint, to support the development of MELD, a gold backed stable coin.

Apollo Capital’s Henrik Andersson, who contributes 17 years experience in global financial markets, with almost a decade on Wall Street, joins the MELD project as an advisor. His expert knowledge in the field of tokenomics, cryptocurrency applications, and knack for identifying the long term viability of projects is an invaluable asset to MELD.

With over 100 years of precious metals expertise, Melbourne Mint and their partners are leading the way with a product that digitises gold, making it available for use all over the world. Michael Cotton from Melbourne Mint is the driving force behind MELD. “We are bringing gold, the world’s oldest currency, into the future through blockchain technology, combining the best of old and new to deliver a truly global currency,” says Cotton.  MELD is a gold backed digital currency that is safe, stable and supported by an expanding network of partners.


Enhanced Society, a Gold Coast based technology consultancy company, has been instrumental in bringing the MELD concept to market. As Australasia’s leading blockchain consultancy, the focus is on providing expert strategic advisory, project management and software development to enable blockchain based projects.  Founder and CFO, Jason Atkins, says “We excel in our ability to identify quality projects, design credible blockchain applications and provide valuable development and introductions to our rapidly growing global network of business partners, platforms and investors”.

More information about the MELD project can be found at www.meld.gold