Aldersley Capital selects OpenInvest to launch online investing solution to reach and assist Australia’s HNW investors

Aldersley Capital selects OpenInvest to launch online investing solution to reach and assist Australia’s HNW investors

Boutique asset manager Aldersley Capital have announced the launch of its new online wealth management solution: Aldersley Capital Direct.

Aldersley Capital Direct is being delivered via the OpenInvest platform.

Aldersley Capital Direct has been designed as an easy to use and low-cost way to access the professional investment expertise of the Aldersley Capital team, and gives investors a choice of three investment portfolios: Managed Equity, Global Thematic or Income Plus.

Aldersley Capital was founded in 2013 by industry veteran John Aldersley. Many will be familiar with John, as he is the originator of the managed accounts platform structure in Australia, having founded ShareInvest and DirectPortfolio in the 1990s, which he subsequently sold in the 2000s.

“Our new Aldersley Capital Direct solution enables us to reach a much broader audience of Australia’s investors, as they are able to open an account online via their laptop or phone in only five minutes, without the need to go through an often expensive upfront personal advice process,” Aldersley said.

“There is a regular flow of industry press highlighting the Great Wealth Transfer currently underway and hence very real focus within the industry on reaching those younger Australians who will become tomorrow’s HNWs, however, what’s less well understood is that 65% of today’s HNW investors do not have an investment adviser1. And with increasingly volatile investment markets, a significant proportion of them are looking for expert and trusted assistance – but they clearly don’t all wish to access this via the traditional and more expensive face-to-face process. We can now give them an online means to access our professionally-managed portfolios,” he added.

OpenInvest Co-Founder and CEO Andrew Varlamos (pictured) said he felt it was a tremendous validation of the OpenInvest platform that it had been selected by an industry luminary such as John Aldersley.

“When I first joined the managed accounts industry I was aware of the groundbreaking role played by John. All of us at OpenInvest are very proud to have been chosen by him as the platform partner for Aldersley Capital Direct,” Varlamos said.

Aldersley added that in a sense he has been waiting many years for someone to build a platform like OpenInvest.

“I always thought it was inevitable someone would design a platform that combined the power and scalability of social media with the right investment administration and legal structure. I now have the means to reach an extremely large audience, combining our portfolio management expertise with our commentary,” he added.