AI driven super app Clever launches

AI driven super app Clever launches

Sydney-based fintech has launched its super app ‘Clever’ (formerly aircrex) and announced key details of how it will become the most comprehensive, independent money management app in Australia. It will be the first fintech to do what a bank does, without being one.

Clever is an AI driven super app aiming to empower Australia’s brokest generation, Millennials, to achieve financial independence. 1,000 users have downloaded the app since it became available. Starting it’s phased, official roll out today, Clever will soon be the only independent app in Australia enabling customers to Pay, Save, Switch, Lend and Invest across multiple accounts in one place. From today Clever users can link multiple bank accounts and track their combined spending, make payments and receive cashback from retail partner purchases. They will also have the support of Rex, the first intelligent automated assistant in Australia. Like SIRI, Rex is interactive, changing its moods, answering questions on demand, and creating notifications triggered by spending.

Independent marketplace, AI driven recommendations and a broker plug-in

In September, Clever will expand to offer independent banking and superannuation recommendations, using artificial intelligence programmed to find the fastest route to achieving a customer’s goals. Clever will be the first in Australia to offer independent, customer-driven banking switch recommendations, requiring just one click to switch, all within the app. Clever will charge a flat admin fee for any products sold on the app – no commissions. Clever will also launch later this year, a plug-in for brokers to connect to customers on the app. The plug-in makes it easy for customers to find a mortgage broker in the same place they find their other financial information. Clever’s advantage is that it can combine all of a customer’s financial products. The Clever plug-in will also provide brokers with access to the most comprehensive financial data on customers, improving loan assessments, responsible lending transparency and processing. Clever’s CEO and Co-Founder is Caroline Tran. Clever is her third start-up venture. Ms Tran, together with one of her co-founders, financial technology specialists Michael Trinh and Gavin Nguyen, have raised funds privately, attracting support from angel investors. The app is already a finalist in the Tokyo Financial Awards 2020 and a top 5 finalist in the Visa Everywhere Initiative (APAC).

The trio’s motivation is to help Millennials manage money better, end their broken financial history and empower their financial independence. ‘Millennials/Gen Z’s want an all- in-one, simple to use, yet powerful financial tool to automatically manage their banking and finances. They’re the most open to using technology for their finances but they have the least trust in mainstream banks. Clever is the start of a reset, we call it banking 3.0,’ says Ms Tran

Calling all banks and super funds to connect

Clever is appealing to banks and super funds to get on board and join their independent marketplace. CEO Caroline Tran is calling for unity to help her generation manage their money better. ‘It’s clear, up to now, my generation have completely missed out on valuable money management concepts. Clever is an independent, AI driven super app, breathing much needed new life into the trust base of Millennials. Clever is a new, simple way to access my generation,’ said Ms Tran. Clever already has 10,000 excited followers and has partnered with two of Australia’s largest Universities, providing an extensive launch platform.