Adatree officially recognised as an Accredited Data Recipient

Adatree officially recognised as an Accredited Data Recipient

Adatree has become the latest Australian Fintech company to be officially recognised as an Accredited Data Recipient (ADR) by the ACCC. This is quite an achievement with Adatree being the first start-up in Australia that is recognised as an ADR, the first ADR with a female CEO and the first solely CDR-focused technology company.

Adatree’s accreditation removes barriers and increases flexibility for aspiring Data Recipients:

  1. Australia’s SaaS Platform Implementation: Accreditation enables Adatree to host the Open Banking platform in its own cloud environment. This decreases cost for customers, increases setup and maintenance speed and simplifies the overall process.
  2. Accelerating Your ADR Accreditation and Active Status: Through utilising Adatree as an ADR Provider in an ADR application, their customers’ journey to being accredited and, most importantly, active will be 99% faster than building and maintaining it themselves.
  3. Lightning Fast Deployments: Adatree’s CDR Platform is deployed and configured in a customer’s AWS environment in only three hours.
  4. Increased Support SLAs: With the SaaS deployment model, Adatree’s service level agreement timelines are about 30% better compared to deploying in a customer’s cloud account. This means more oversight, more continuity and less interruptions for maintenance.
  5. Introducing CDR Data Storage: Accredited Data Recipients have the choice of storing CDR data in their own environments or in Adatree’s CDR environment. This environment has undergone an ASAE3150 Information Security Assurance audit, meets high security standards and AWS Well Architected Framework recommendations.
  6. Increased Capabilities for ADRs: Adatree’s CDR Platform roadmap is now focusing on capabilities to leverage CDR data, all still accessible through one API.
  7. Adatree’s Own CDR Services: As Adatree is accredited as an unrestricted ADR, this enables Adatree to bring its own B2B or B2C CDR-powered products and services to market.

Adatree offers its partners a turnkey software solution, built to access and leverage the CDR. Rather than starting from the ground up, aspiring ADRs can save time by eliminating conformance testing periods and future standard maintenance and realise significant cost savings as they focus on customer value propositions instead of technical compliance.

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