Sniip is a free mobile based payment solution providing customers with a simple, secure and organised way to receive, view and pay their bills. Customers can either scan a Sniip payment code from their paper bill or move to paperless billing by electing to receive their bills directly into the Sniip App via push notifications, reducing printing and postage overheads.

Payment is fast and secure via a 4-digit PIN, and is more secure than carrying a physical wallet. Payment details are encrypted locally on the customer’s device, never stored on any servers, eliminating any potential hacking risk. Sniip also offers the ability to set calendar reminders and adjust the payment amount.

What’s even better is that Sniip simply connects to your existing payment gateway used for online payments, so there is no costly or time consuming implementation required.

Sniip is the ultimate mobile payment experience, completely free!

Sniip – The easy way to pay™.