Loyalty Now is a proven technology loyalty rewards platform that has established commercial relationships with trusted brands such as Visa, Mastercard and eftpos.

Their vision is to be the leading supplier of loyalty programs for organisations.

Loyalty Now’s mission is to deliver the tools, processes and functionality that brings the member and merchant closer together in order to create value for the member, merchant and program operator eco system.

Loyalty Now do this by delivering a Software as a Service (SaaS) that:

• is secure, certified and scalable with anytime, anywhere access;
• enables members to easily register their existing debit or credit card;
• makes it easy for the member to automatically receive a benefit;
• ensures merchant on-boarding is seamless and flexible;
• requires no system integration or staff training for merchants;
• creates a member, merchant and program operator ecosystem;
• enables targeted promotions based upon flexible requirements;
• is configurable at the international, national, state, region or single store level;
• delivers comprehensive reporting and data analysis opportunities;
• uses an organisations style guide to create a unified member experience;
• delivers branded messages through multiple channels;
• is complementary to existing programs; and
• provides exclusivity opportunities.