ID Exchange is a tech start-up in development of a two sided data consent marketplace to assist individuals and business assert automated and unified Opt In® and Opt Out® instruments. ID Exchange empower consumers to self manage their personally identifiable information (PII), specific to granular purpose, empowering compliant open data flows.

ID Exchange is the exclusive A/NZ partner of UK firm a world leader in personal data platforms.’s unique consumer centric technology does not see, touch or hold the data, the platform works as the librarian and postman to return Social, Health and Finance data to individuals who then can directly share rich, accurate and consented data via secure and compliant process. This advanced military grade approach advances open data models and will stimulate App development and address consumer needs.

Privacy, Protection, Power.

ID Exchanges own role in designing Privacy Enhancing Technology is fashioned within our bi-lateral Opt Out® and Opt In products to help consumers and small business regain control of their unique digital identity credentials by making data access/consent transactions easier to manage and control from a central exchange.

The App/platform aims to educate users on their digital rights and is designed to encompass advanced ID Verification, Multi Factor Authentication and clear transparency of data use via compliance processes which meet global regulatory frameworks.

By creating a proof of evidence consent receipts solution, Opt Out® and Opt In products provide the consumer with a consolidated dashboard so you can holistically view, audit and track your unique permissions to reduce data risks from unnecessary privacy exposures.