Founded in 2017, EPIK InDifi is a young technology company focused on building disruptive products using latest technologies such as AI and automation.

Their product suite is intended to solve some of the core issues faced by the financial services Industry such as new client acquisition, improved customer experience, financial inclusion, reduced operational cost, proactive fraud analytics and regulatory compliance.

In a short span, EPIK has been able to acquire an enviable clientele list across Australia and APAC such as some of the key mutual Banks and credit unions in Australia, Fintech start-ups in Australia, a top commercial bank in Mauritius etc.

EPIK intends to work closely with the Fintech community in Australia in shaping the new frontiers in Fintech and Regtech.

The EPIK InDifi product portfolio is as below:

InDiFi Intelligent Robotics

InDiFi Intelligent Robotics is an RPA tool which performs routine business processes mimicking the ways the people interact with applications. It’s powered by AI and Machine Learning to do judgement based tasks apart from repetitive tasks. They reduce the turnaround time, reduce costs, improve services and lower error rates.


InDiFi Field Force

A product designed for the last mile delivery of financial products and services including features like origination, teller & collection on a mobile device. Such one-of-a-kind product can provide assisted banking to customers on the go or at their doorstep as needed.


InDiFi Sentinel 

InDiFi Sentinel – an app on your device which is simple, intuitive, data insight driven connecting multiple project management platform in the backend using RPA and fundamentally transforming how banks guide/review programs.


InDiFi Vanguard

InDiFi Vanguard – an Omni-channel onboarding solution that empowers you to transform your digital onboarding proposition without making any expensive legacy system changes. This product will enable customers to acquire bank’s loans or deposit products quickly either in unassisted or assisted mode.