Data Action Pty Ltd (DA) – Providers of Excellent Technology Solutions for the Mutual Banking Market.

For the last 30 years, they have been passionate and driven in their commitment to ‘Ensuring Mutual Success.’ Their leading software and services provide Digital Banking and Core Banking solutions based on the latest technologies and industry requirements that are optimised to align with client needs.

What sets them apart is their in depth knowledge of the Australian Mutual Financial Industry that is driven by digital innovations and simultaneously facing numerous challenges. Therefore, they understand that maintaining a viable and sustainable product set is paramount. Accordingly, they are up to the challenge that modern vendors, with any expectation of growth, must be demonstrably easy to deal with and provide dedicated levels of service. They stand out as a trusted leader, and provide the following value-added benefits:

  • They Don’t Just Provide Software Solutions, They Host Them As well
  • They Provide a Level of Client Engagement You Won’t Find Elsewhere
  • They Provide an Easy, Painless Implementation with an 100% Success Rate
  • They Provide Innovative Award Winning Products

Data Action consider the client relationship as a bespoke alliance rather than simply an exchange of independent vendors. Whilst many will espouse this virtue, few can point to a thirty year heritage of being set up ‘By Mutuals, For Mutuals,’ as mutuality remains at their core.