Clearmatch is the Alternative Funding Fixed Income Marketplace, where originators of quality loans can access competitive funding from fixed income investors in real-time.

Using a proprietary asset fractionalisation technology, funders’ risks are reduced through high diversification, delivering unparalleled trust and transparency. We offer a suite of alternative fixed income solutions which allow investors to receive regular income streams with risk-weighted return, based on the underlying credit profile of the assets – something that has until recently, been reserved for large institutional investors.

Unlike most other financial technology products in market today, Clearmatch delivers 100% transparency, trust and control. Investors can see exactly where their money is, in real time.

The Clearmatch Marketplace delivers:

  • See-through to individual loan interests
  • Transparent cash events for simple liquidity management
  • Transparent default protection and reporting
  • Control over your risk level
  • Control over your exposure

This is not traditional investment.

This is a whole new world.

This is the future of investment, and you can access it today.