Tier One People’s Dexter Cousins catches up with Look Who’s Charging’s David Washbrook

Tier One People’s Dexter Cousins catches up with Look Who’s Charging’s David Washbrook

Look Who’s Charging had a stellar 2018 with numerous awards, accolades such as featuring in KPMG’s FinTech 100 and commercial success with two of the Big 4 Aussie banks becoming customers. Sibos and Money 20/20 helped put Look Who’s Charging on the global FinTech map.

Tier One People’s Dexter Cousins caught up with Co-Founder David Washbrook to talk about a fine year and a Vegas road trip!

What is Look Who’s Charging?

Look Who’s Charging is all about improving the customer experience through enriching bank statement transactions. Everyone has experienced the issue. You look at your bank statement and half the time it may as well be written in foreign language. You see C&A WALKER PTY LIMITED, for example. A Google search brings up hundreds of businesses none of which you recognise.

So, you phone your bank. Twenty minutes on hold, verify yourself, bounce between two or three different departments, and at the end of all of that, more often than not the bank can’t do anything other than a Google search themselves. In fact, two of the Big Four bank’s contact centres don’t even have access to Google.

It is a very frustrating problem for the consumer, leaving them feeling genuinely worried that they might be subject to fraud. It’s also a very expensive problem for banks. Ten percent of all the calls to a banks contact centre relate to queries on unrecognised transactions. Sixty percent result in manual chargebacks, costing a bank around $80-$90 dollars for each one.

We improve the customer experience and save banks millions of dollars in costs through reduced calls and chargebacks.


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Source: David Washbrook – Look Who’s Charging

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