The team at Investfit have been busy…. and that’s just the beginning!

The team at Investfit have been busy…. and that’s just the beginning!

Investfit has just released a new version of its advanced financial advice application, with many improvements and some new, sought-after features. Investfit is a client engagement tool that produces better financial outcomes for clients, lower risk and lower costs for the adviser. The latest enhancements include:

  • Improved look and feel
  • Fully configurable for each advice group, including:
    • Up to 10 asset classes can be modelled, including international asset classes not in Australian Dollars
    • Key assumptions including wage growth, inflation, asset class return assumptions, franking credits, exchange rates
    • Key parameters for insurance modelling
  • Easier access to existing reports and generation of new reports
  • Modular approach to advice including:
    • investment strategy optimisation
    • risk tolerance
    • super contributions, savings and expenditure
    • equity in own home
    • retirement age and shortfall age
    • legacy
  • New Life Insurance module to provide robust estimate of life insurance needs and visual demonstration of why that estimate is right
  • New Review module to show how clients’ financial position and future has changed since previous advice
  • Better report generation

And in the pipeline for the first half of this year are:

  • Integrations with other applications as we move towards an end-to-end solution for advisers, including:
  • Automatic SoA generation from adviser template
  • Extension of insurance module to include TPD, Income Protection and Crisis Cover
  • Ability to turn-off Age Pension entitlements to show impact on retirement of the Age Pension no longer being available
  • Explicit allowance for Transition to Retirement
  • Cashflow modelling


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