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Robo adviser Six Park says lower balance SMSFs are viable

A robo adviser backed by four founding members of the Future Fund says that pre-retirees with starting balances of under $150,000 can run their own super funds, despite the corporate watchdog cracking down on providers that offer low-balance SMSF set-ups. The chief executive of Six Park Patrick Garrett said that the robo adviser, which counts the former federal finance minister Lindsay Tanner as both a financial backer and an advisory board member, is launching a lower-cost establishment service to make self-managed superannuation funds more “accessible” and easier to run, particularly for those with small balances. “I wouldn’t recommend a $10,000 SMSF account. But we have one of our first clients, […]


Robo-advice is not enough, says fintech Investfit

While robo-advisers have been heralded as a cheap solution for Australians looking to invest their retirement savings, the team behind a newly launched app wants put high-quality, face-to-face advice back on the radar. Investfit, which was launched by Ed de Salis, James Claridge and Gavin Daw in 2015, and was a resident at fintech incubator Stone & Chalk, uses historical investment market data to project a person’s income in retirement, based on their current investment strategy. The app can simulate thousands of different investment strategies. “While automation in the industry is reducing costs, and digital tools such as robo-advisers can invest our money cheaply online or generate a statement of […]


Digital advice: from robo revolution to enterprise evolution

As digital financial advice gains ever-growing traction among superannuation providers, the hype around “robo-advice” gives way to enterprise-level requirements. Decimal Software CEO Nic Pollock says B2C wealth management and enterprise-grade digital financial advice serve very different needs, and customers. Federal Treasurer Scott Morrison recently told a G20 conference in Germany of his plans to encourage more robo-adviser start-ups to launch in Australia. Undoubtedly he believed doing so would enhance opportunities for more Australians to gain access to financial advice and in turn provide better financial security and retirement outcomes. But his comments highlight a general lack of understanding of the differences between “robo-advisers” and the digital advice needs of the […]


BetaSmartz automated investment launches in Asia

BetaSmartz, the B2B automated investment platform for all sizes of investors, from institutional to retail, today announced it had opened offices in Hong Kong. BetaSmartz offers ‘hybrid ‘ digital investment or ‘robo’ advice that combines automated and face-to-face financial advice. Newly appointed Managing Director Asia, Zak Allom, said this model had been well received since its launch in 2015, with several clients now live including two in the U.S. “Robo has been a big buzzword, but for the most part the actual delivery hasn’t been different from the automated financial planning software we’ve been used to since the 90s,” he said. “BetaSmartz is much more than a sexy front end […]


Ignition Wealth announces goals-based investing

Ignition Wealth CEO Mark Fordree today announced a groundbreaking development as Ignition Wealth becomes the first Australian ‘robo-adviser’ to offer goals-based investing. Ignition Wealth has appointed SiResearch to provide adaptive asset allocation built around goals which have a specific objective and timeframe. Traditional risk assessment has focussed on the investor’s long-term goals, often focussing simply on retirement. The goals-based model acknowledges that investors’ goals may fall into several buckets including short term, medium term and legacy.   “In reality an investor’s attitude to risk is influenced by what their goal is and the date by when they want to achieve it. The SiResearch goals-based investment model adds a specific objective […]


Midwinter : Reputational risk still a determining factor for advisers when it comes to Social Media

It appears that the Australian advice industry is split when it comes to whether reputational risk prevents them from participating on social media channels, according to research carried out by Midwinter Financial Services in conjunction with Jenesis Consulting. In 2016, Midwinter surveyed 153 advisers of varying backgrounds and specialisations on Digital and social media, with the results revealing mixed feelings on many aspects in regards to how the industry engages with these tools. The responses were compiled and put together in Midwinter’s Digital and Social Media Survey Report. Of particular interest was that 87.3% of planners surveyed believed there to be some degree of reputational risk involved in engaging on […]


Ignition Wealth announces new XPLAN consultancy division assisting advisers to prepare for robo-scale

Ignition Wealth CEO Mark Fordree today announced a new division of Ignition Wealth which will offer full XPLAN support and consulting to help advisers get the most out their XPLAN solutions and prepare to add ‘robo’ services to their businesses.   Ignition Wealth will deepen its existing digital advice integration with XPLAN, creating a seamless pathway between automating ‘robo-advice’ and full service advice.   “XPLAN is the leading financial planning solution in the market and we are delighted to now offer our clients a range of XPLAN services to help them better leverage technology in their businesses. We believe the true scale of digital advice is best delivered by integrating […]


Blockchain and others will transform financial advice

The potential for distributed ledger and associated technologies has fundamental, long-term ramifications for financial planning businesses. Planners need to be across these innovations now so that when commercial solutions that use these technologies hit the market, their businesses are ready to embrace them. Distributed ledger technology is a way of recording information that makes it easy to verify. Blockchain, which is the system that records how the virtual currency Bitcoin is stored, is one application of this technology. Shortened Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) transaction settlement times will likely be the first real change to the market from Blockchain. Last year, the ASX invested $14.9 million to acquire 5 per cent […]