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Crowd-funder CoAssets seeking ASX listing and raising

Perth and Singapore-based fintech player CoAssets has announced plans to list on the ASX in July alongside a capital raise of between $5 million and $10m. CoAssets, which describes itself as the biggest crowd-funding player in Southeast Asia, listed on the National Stock Exchange in July last year and is now seeking an ASX listing to push further into Australia and Asia. CEO Getty Goh said his company focused on the “sweet spot” of funding, addressing the $100,000-$5m range, a gap that was too small for banks to look at. “Unlike Kickstarter, the projects that we do are business projects, they’re not products or trinkets,” Mr Goh said. Mr Goh […]


SocietyOne shifts from edgy start-up to $100m lender

The nation’s biggest peer-to-peer lender, SocietyOne, is growing up fast, and not in the same way as its renegade US cousin Lending Club. An ASIC search has revealed the stranglehold of the so-called media consortium (News Corp, Kerry Stokes and James Packer’s media-free Consolidated Press Holdings) over SocOne after the recent $25 million Series C capital raising. The consortium, through its vehicle S. One Holding, holds a commanding 37 per cent stake, with the News and Stokes interests believed to be dominant in the S. One Holding structure. Not only that, but Westpac’s in-house venture capital fund, Reinventure, speaks for a further 17 per cent of SocOne. Put the two […]


Focused fintechs get the nod from Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley once threw money at start-ups that aimed to disrupt broad swaths of finance. Now it is rewarding those that have sharpened their focus. While overall venture funding into lending start-ups is slowing, some platforms still are raising money by taking aim at narrower or less-traditional borrowing niches than the first generation of financial-technology firms. Faced with a glut of online lenders and cooling interest from investors in some loans, a newer crop of fintech start-ups is focusing on areas including loans for real-estate projects, people with poor credit ratings, car buyers and, at the extreme, people getting married. Venture funding for US lending start-ups dropped to $US298 million […]


Fintech sector held back by fear factor, not a lack of capital

A dearth of ideas and entrepreneurs, rather than capital, is the main barrier to innovation in Australia, delegates at the Australian Financial Review Banking & Wealth Summit heard on Wednesday. Chris Brycki​, chief executive of online investment adviser Stockspot​, said that high salaries and the low number of job losses in the financial services sector after the global financial crisis meant that few people were prepared to leave their employers and take the risk of starting a business. Mr Brycki’s comments run counter to the perceived wisdom that the unwillingness of Australian investors, particularly superannuation funds, to invest in start-ups is inhibiting their development. “I think the lack of capital […]


Fintech Revolution Comes to Mid-Market Capital Raising

Innovation and growth amongst SMEs in Australia continues to be stunted in the wake of the GFC, resulting in staff being laid off and businesses facing an increased risk of bankruptcy. At a time when innovation is being pushed as a national agenda, 400,000 small- and medium-sized companies say a lack of finance is preventing them from innovating, and one in six cannot grow, according to ABS & NSWBC figures. John Mitchell-Adams of Destinations Africa said: “Our bank of 10 years rejected our application for capital we needed for a strategic acquisition. We are a financially sound company that has been steadily growing for over seven years but I guess […]


Fintech start-up Afterpay plans ASX listing

Fintech start-up Afterpay — backed by legendary corporate raider Ron Brierley and a host of alumni from his former Guinness Peat Group — plans to list on the Australian Securities Exchange to supercharge growth plans after signing up more than 100 retailers to its online e-commerce product in the past nine months. Afterpay, whose backers include Mr Brierley’s ASX-listed Mercantile Investment Company, LinkedIn Southeast Asia managing director Cliff Rosenberg and Melbourne IVF founder John McBain, plans to raise $25 million in a float that will value the company at about $150m. Mr Brierley’s Mercantile last year bankrolled an $8m capital raising by the company. Mercantile is expected to emerge with […]


PromisePay’s a disruptive influence that has learned well

As some of the heat recedes from the bubbly global fintech sector, Melbourne-based payments disrupter PromisePay is among a select group of local start-ups with a rapidly deepening revenue stream, serious global prospects and an embarrassment of funding options. Sometime this year, PromisePay will start taking bids for a second round of funding. One of founder chief executive Simon Lee’s problems is that he can’t accommodate everyone who wants to clamber aboard the PromisePay bandwagon, which is why a $10 million cash-grab is likely to be upgraded to $30m-$40m. That way, PromisePay can flaunt its balance sheet to customers generally concerned about trust and stability, and lock in adequate funding […]


MoneyMe gets $30m capital raise

Consumer fintech firm, MoneyMe, has announced a $30 million capital raise from an ultra-high net worth Australian family office, which has branched out into fintech after investing mostly in large scale property on the eastern seaboard. The capital raise includes both debt and equity, and will fund the launch of a series of niche financial products aimed at millennial throughout 2016. MoneyMe chief executive, Clayton Howes, said the millennial market was important for fintech as they were inclined to spend big on lifestyle and convenience, and were willing to pay a premium for it. “Fintechs with the ability to create niche products that are delivered in a tailored way that […]