Superhero launches U.S. share trading

Superhero launches U.S. share trading

Superhero has today launched $0 brokerage U.S. share trading, just nine months after the launch of its award-winning ASX-trading platform.

According to new research released by Aussie fintech Superhero, 39% of people aged 18-45 are already invested in Australian shares and 17% own U.S. shares.

A further 34% say they are interested in investing, with global companies like Apple, Tesla and Netflix at the top of most-wanted lists for U.S. shares.

“The past few years have seen a real shift towards investing in both Australian and U.S. shares, and we’ve had customers asking us when we were going to launch U.S. trading – almost from day one of launching Superhero,” Superhero Co-Founder and CEO John Winters said today.

“Our premium features, like real-time PayID funding and live market data for no extra cost, will now be coupled with real-time FX transfers so investors can invest in global markets in minutes, not days,” Mr Winters said.

U.S. trading with Nasdaq and Apex

Superhero has partnered with Apex Clearing Corporation to manage its U.S. brokerage and execution services.

The partnership will enable Superhero customers to trade in over 4,500 U.S. shares and ETFs, including fractional trading.

“Apex’s global scale, its reputation for innovation, and the power of its clearing and custody platform, made it an easy choice of partner for Superhero for U.S. trading,” Winters said.

“We’re thrilled to provide access to U.S. markets on Superhero’s app, enabling more people to invest how they want – whether it be through fractional share trading or purchasing shares of companies they believe in,” said Bill Capuzzi, CEO of Apex.

“Superhero is an emerging player in the fintech industry and I’m looking forward to supporting their rapid expansion as they continue to democratise investing for the younger generations and everyday investors at large.”

Superhero has signed a deal with major U.S. exchange operator Nasdaq offering customers access to live U.S. market data.

“We are proud to be partnering with Nasdaq to offer live U.S. market data; it’s a name that’s synonymous with Wall Street,” Winters said.